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Wireless High-Speed Internet for home and business, rural and urban with NO data caps

AireNet has delivered consistent, reliable, high-speed Wireless Internet Service since 2001. We serve a wide area of South-Central Alberta, from north of Airdrie to South of Red Deer, and from the Rockies to Rumsey. (See our coverage map for details)

Site Survey

Call our Office at 1-800-815-5570 to request a site survey at your location at no charge.
AireNet personnel will visit your site to examine your specific situation and discuss what equipment you will require.

Seasonal Hibernation

Perfect for lake and park properties.

If you are only using the internet for certain months of the year- you can turn off your Internet service at no charge or penalty while you are away. Simply call in to have your service put on hibernation and call back in when you want it back on. The only “fine print” is that you must not be in a contract.


Discover the service package that’s right for you.
Bronze 4×2

Silver 6×2

Gold 10×5

Platinum 15×10



Acceptable Use

AireNet’s Acceptable Use Policy outlines our terms and conditions of service.