4 Install Options

  • $0 – 3 Year Contract
  • $199 – 2 Year Contract
  • $299 – 1 Year Contract
  • $399 – No Contract

Plan Includes

  • Up to 8Mbps Down and 6Mbps up
  • Up to 1000 GB Total (Upload & Download) Traffic per Month
  • Up to 5 Standard e-mail addresses

Site Survey

Call our Office a 1.800.815.5570 to request a site survey at no charge.

Options for Residential Plans

Hardware Firewall/Router Four-Port – $69.00 Provides ability to connect up to 4 wired computers and unlimited wireless computers, as well as firewall protection.

Additional E-mail Addresses
$30.00/year for each additional e-mail address

Additional Web space
$60/year for each additional 5 Mb of web space

System Networking – Residential Plan includes the connection and configuration of one computer. Networking and configuring a second, third and/or fourth computer may be extra.

We can arrange for the placement of a suitable tower to meet a customer’s needs or we can use an existing structure. Installation charges may vary depending upon location, surrounding structures and customer preferences.

NOTE: File sharing, file serving or activities which consume inordinate amounts of bandwidth are not allowed under AireNet’s Acceptable Use Policy. AireNet reserves the right to discontinue service to individuals guilty of exceeding the quoted monthly maximum total radio traffic.