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Starbucks Coffee

100% Arabic coffee

slow roasted to perfection

All coffees available in  foil packages to ensure freshness

Available in 1lb and  2 lb. packages

***Cafe Verona   1lb.   $17.00

***Cafe Verona  2lb  $32.80

***Breakfast Blend  1lb.  $17.00

***Breakfast Blend  2lb.  $32.80

***House Blend  1lb. $17.50

***House blend  2lb  $33.00

***Columbia Roast  1lb  $17.00 

***Columbia Roast 2lb.  $32.80

Tantaalize your taste buds

Order your favorite Starbucks coffee  today online at: www.airenet.com/sportsrag click on the Cooking.com link


Seattle's Best Coffee

100% Sumantrin coffee beans flavored to perfection

Available in 2.25 foil packages only $35.25 each

 delicious flavors to choose from

*** Hazelnut Cream

***Creme Brulee

***Chocolate Toffee



Order your favorite Seattle's Best coffee today  at:

 www.airenet.com/sportsrag click on Cooking.Com link

or call Barry Williams  at (403) 556-7955

Handy Coffee

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