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Chuckwagons rolling into Olds
By Barry Williams
Olds, Albertan
August 4, 2006

Area chuckwagon fans will have the opportunity to cheer for their favorite chuckwagon driver as members of the All-Pro Canadian Chuckwagon&Chariot Association will be competing in a sanctioned event at Olds from Aug.10-13, 2006.
With only two sanctioned events left after Olds, the drivers will be racing to gain valuable points to qualify for the Taste the Dust finals scheduled for Grande Prairie from Aug. 24-27.
After Olds, the drivers will turn their wagons into Kikino and Westlock.
At the last scheduled event in Rockyford from July 28-30, lightning quick times were turned in by both the chuckwagon and chariot drivers as the fastest times in all heats were under a minute.
A little more than two seconds separated the top three Chuckwagon outfits after three days of racing.
When the chuckwagon drivers turned in their outfits at the conclusion of the meet, Sean DeBolt emerged as the top wagoneer with an overall time of 2:42.66.
On opening night, Debolt clocked in with a time of 0:54.50, second fastest recorded time. His second race was the fastest time of the event with a clocking of 0:53.79. When the clackson sounded to start the third day of racing, DeBolt had a comfortable two second lead on the pac but he didn't hold back as he posted a time of 0;54.37 which guaranteed him the overall championship of the event.
Olds driver, Tracey Stott, claimed she spot overall with a three day running time of 2:44.25. She opened the event with the quickest time of the entire derby by stopping the clock in 0:53.80. She was a bit slower in the second race recording a time of 0:55.10. In the third race, she didn't have enough horsepower to overtake DeBolt as her final time was clocked at 0:55.35.
Placing third in the aggregate was Larry Myer with an overall time of 2:45.58. His opening time was clocked at 0:54.58 while his second race came in with a time of 0:54.88. He failed to make up ground in the third race as he stopped the clock with his slowest time of the event at 0:56.02
Meanwhile, on the WPCA Dodge Pro Tour sanctioned event at Drumheller, Rae Croteau, driving the Lincoln County Oilfield Services Chuckwagon captured the Badlands Dinosaur Derby held in Drumheller from July 28-30.
In three days of racing Croteau's combined time was 3:24.79. As the derby progressed, Croteau's time improved in every heat. He commenced the racing with an opening time of 1:08.33. In the second race his time was clocked at 1:08.33. He saved his best time for the final heat as he circled the track in a time of 1:07.85.
Driving the Highpine Oil&Gas rig, Jerry Bremner finished second overall with a combined time of 3:26.73. In the first heat, Bremner blitzed the track posting a time of 1:08.33. his time in the final heat skyrocketed as he had a running time of . 1:10.69. Heading into day 3, Croteau and Bremner were in a neck to neck battle for first place overall.
Taking third place overall with a combined time 3:27.09 was Reg Johnstone driving the United Petroleum Distributors wagon. On day one, Johnstone posted his slowest time at 1:10.01. His time of 1:07.47 in the second heat was the best time of the derby. In the final heat he recorded 1:09.69.
During the Heritage Day long weekend, the World Professional Chuckwagon Association drivers pulled their rigs into Strathmore for the Heritage Day derby. Results were unknown at press time.

Chuckwagons rolling into area for a pair of exciting races
By Barry Williams
Olds, Albertan
July 23, 2006

Area fans of chuckwagon racing will have the opportunity to tip their hats to the drivers as the All-Pro Canadian Chuckwagon and Chariot Association have two meets scheduled in the area during the month of August.
From August 4-6 2006, the drivers will pull their wagons into Sundre for a three day derby.
In the meantime, they will roll into Olds to participate in the Mountain View County Fair derby from August 10-13, 2006.
Since these scheduled races are happening towards the end of the current Taste The Dust Tour, they usually attract the best drivers on the circuit.
And the events are extremely important as those drivers sitting at the top of the tour standings use them as tune-ups for the upcoming championships scheduled at the Whispering Pines Rodeo running from Aug. 24-27 at Grande Prairie AB. For those at the lower end of the standings, the Sundre and Olds events are their last to pick-up points in the standings to qualify for the year end event.
This past weekend, the competitors pulled into Hardisty and Buffalo lake to compete in sanctioned races.
At Hardisty, the track was extremely fast, as the track record fell a couple of times during the two day event.
Checking in with the fastest chuckwagon was Archie Sauers, who eclipsed the one minute barrier by posting a two day running time of 1:56.48. On the first day he posted the fastest time of the event by running around the track in a blistering time of 57.93 seconds. He was a bit slower on the second day of racing clocking a time of 58.55 seconds.
With a two day running time of 1:58.47 Ray Adamson placed second. in the first heat, he finished with a time of 58.65 seconds, while in the second race he recorded a time of 58.65 seconds.
Darryl Johnston's first run of 59 seconds flat combined with his second time of 59.49 seconds gave him third place in the aggregate with a two day total of 1:58.49.
At Buffalo Lake, the track was somewhat slower as the drivers struggled to post times under a minute.
In turning the barrels for an aggregate time of 2:25.33, Rene Salmond was the quickest chuckwagon at Buffalo Lake.
On the first day of racing, Keith Wood posted a time of 1:13.00 while on day two he was a bit faster with a clocking of 1:12.82. With a combined time of 2:25.82 he placed second in the average.
Taking third place overall was Chris Arcand who posted an aggregate time of 2:26.33. His time on day one was 1:13.51 while on day two he finished with a time of 1:12.82.
At Hardisty, Dennis Hoffman was smoking around the track in his chariot as he posted times of 56.50 seconds and 57.64 seconds to grab overall honors with a combined time of 1:54.64.
Placing second amongst the chariots was Bobby Thier, who put together runs of 57.64 seconds and 56.50 seconds finishing with an aggregate time of 1:54.64.
With times of 57.65 and 57.10 seconds, Garry Thiel was the third fastest chariot with a combined time of 1:54.75.
Marvin Hubl was the quickest chariot at Buffalo Lake as he put together runs of 1:11.87 and 1:12.05 to claim first place overall.
Sarah Salmond claimed second overall with a two day running time of 2:24.25 on runs of 1:12.15 and 1:12.10.
Finishing in third place amongst chariots at Buffalo Lake was Curtis Wood with an aggregate time of 2:24.38.
On the World Professional Chuckwagon Association circuit, the drivers are participating this week in Edmonton during the Capital Exhibition Derby.

Sinclair captures penalty filled 2006 Rangeland Derby
By Barry Williams
Olds, Albertan
July 17, 2006

Sometimes a chuckwagon driver can win a championship without speed.
Veteran chuckwagon driver, Hugh Sinclair wasn't the fastest wagon around the Calgary Stampede race track but his penalty free run for the Dash For Cash was enough for him to claim the 2006 Rangeland Derby held in Calgary from July 7-16, 2006.
As the other three drivers, Kelly Sutherland, Neal Walgenbach and Jerry Bremner made their first turn onto the track they were all carrying penalties.
Sinclair was the only wagoneer to leave the infield with a clean sheet and he kept his nose clean throughout the entire race finishing with a running time of 1:17.2, the sixth best in the final day of racing.
By finishing with no penalties, Sinclair's time was considered the best by the derby judges after reviewed the films of the race for a considerable length of time.
For the second night in a row, Chad Harden, driving the ATB Financial rig posted the fastest running time1:15.73
Earlier penalty problems were Harden's downfall and he realized he would be racing for day money in the final heats of the derby.
All wagons in finishing in the top four ran penalty free.
As the week progressed, Reg Johnstone's recorded times became faster and his posted time of 1:16.64 was good enough for a second finish.
It was a close race for the third position in the Dash For Cash as Doug Irvine with a running time of 1:16 narrowly defeated Brian Laboucane, who finished the race in a respectful 1:16 .66 ip around the track.
As the World Professional Chuckwagon Association sanctioned the Rangeland with the Canadian Professional Chuckwagon l Association money won by the drivers will be added to their yearly total.
Meanwhile, another chuckwagon derby at Lloydminster's Colonial Days attracted several newer members of the Canadian Professional Chuckwagon Association
A three day derby, Lloydminster attracted mostly member of the Canadian Professional Chuckwagon Association.
When the dust was finally settled, Darcy Flad emerged the big winner of Sunday 's Dash For Cash by posting an aggregate time of 35:4.70.
Driving the Fab u-Tech outfit, Wayne Dagg captured the runner's up position with a running time of 1:18.of and posting an aggregate time of 3:55.o7.
After jumping out of the Clarke Construction wagon, Darcy Flaad crept up to the drivers box of the Morley Muldoon Transport wagon and piloted it to an aggregate time of 3:59.15, good enough for the third place in the rung.
Harvey Lear in the Classic Oilfield Services outfit finished fourth spot with a combined time of 3:59.115.
Next stop for the wagon drivers is at the Edmonton Ex, formerly known as the Klondike Days derby.

Kelly Sutherland captures Ponoka Stampede Derby
By Barry Williams
Olds, Albertan
July 10, 2006

Veteran chuckwagon driver, Kelly Sutherland, blazed the pack to win the Tommy Dorchester $50,000 Sudden Death final heat at the Ponoka Stampede Chuckwagon Derby.
Coming off barrel number one, Sutherland took advantage of the rail and hung on to win the final race over Jerry Bremner, Reg Johnstone and Grant Profit. He posted a time of 1:15.53 while Bremner circled the track in a time of 1:15.70 with Johnstone finishing in 1:16.70.
Actually, Profit had the best running time of the wagons, 1:15.39 but a five second penalty for knocking over a barrel put him out of the race even before the wagons left the infield heading onto the track.
Of all the wagons racing on the final day of competition, Jason Glass had the fastest time by setting a new track record of 1:14.07
On the first day of racing, Troy Dorchester took top day money by registering a time of 1:14.58.
Despite taking a one second penalty on the second day of racing, Jason Glass won the heat with a time of 1:15.82.
A third generation driver, Colt Cosgrave, was the fastest wagon on night three as he set a new track record with a running time of 1:14.30
After night four, Reg Johnstone grabbed the overall lead with a combined time of 5:05.15 He continued to lead the pack after night five with a running time of 7:37.44 and was considered the favorite for the top prize in the final night of racing.
Meanwhile, on the Canadian Professional Chuckwagon Association circuit, Vern Nolin driving the Jack's Sheet Metal outfit took home the overall aggregate time by posting a three day time of 3:o4.51 at the Wainwright Stampede Derby.
Once again, Todd Baptiste had to settle for second place overall finishing the three day derby with a combined time of 3:05.33
Rounding out the top three wagons overall was Gary Gorst posting a time of 3:06.33
Originally scheduled for a four day meet, the card was trimmed down to three days when a heavy rain storm cancelled the second day of racing.
This past weekend, drivers on the Taste the Dust Tour sanctioned by the All Pro Canadian Chuckwagon and Chariot Association turned into Saddle Lake for a three day event.
Setting the pace for the chuckwagon drivers was Rene Salmond, who posted an aggregate time of 3:46.48. With a combined time of 3:48.16, Cliff Cunningham took second place. Finishing in third position with a running time of 3:49.94 was Chris Spreen.
Top chariot belonged to Chris Theil by posting a combined time of 3:42.30. Marvin Hubl turned in the second best overall time With a clocking of 3:45.84 Holding down the third overall position was Chris Cunningham turning in a time of 3:45.94.
This coming weekend, the chuckwagons driving under the Canadian Professional Chuckwagon Association will be in Lloydminster SK for the Colonial Days Racing Derby.
During Westerner Days in Red Deer, the All Pro Canadian Chuckwagon Association has a Taste the Dust tour event from July 19-23.
After the Calgary Stampede, the World Professional Chuckwagon Association heads into Edmonton for another week of racing on the Dodge Pro Tour.

Jerry Bremner captures 2006 North American Chuckwagon Championship
By Barry Williams
Olds, Albertan

Veteran chuckwagon driver Jerry Bremner along with outriders Chad Cosgrave and Reo King captured the 2006 North American Chuckwagon Championship held in High River this past weekend.
Bremner driving the High Pine Oil and Gas outfit claimed the four day aggregate time of 5:10.50 to win his first North American Championship. Earlier on the World Professional Chuckwagon Association Dodge Pro Tour, Bremner captured the Medicine Hat Stampede Derby.
With the win at High River, Bremner moved into third place in the 2006 Dodge Tour World Standings with 405.5 points. Seven-time World Champion, Kelly Sutherland, continues to lead the season's standings with 417 points. Holding down second place with 408 points is Neal Walgenbach.
By posting the top time (1:6.29) of night four at High River, Ray Croteau Jr. nailed down second place in the aggregate with a four day running time of 5:13.58. Claiming third spot overall was seven-time World Champion Kelly Sutherland driving the Linberg Water Hauling rig.
On day 3 of the competition, Bremner took over the top position in the aggregate by piloting his outfit to the top day time, 1:16.37.
After two days of racing, Sutherland was the top wagon on the leaderboard as he claimed the fastest times of the two opening runs, 1:18.03 and 1:18.42.
Bremner is no stranger to the sport of Chuckwagon racing as he became associated with it in 1972 as an outrider. he has been in the drivers' box since 1984 and has claimed three World Championships in 1990, 1995 and 2003. He has won every major derby on the Dodge Pro Circuit including the Ponoka Stampede, Klondike Days Derby and the Calgary Stampede Derby.
Meanwhile, on the All Pro Canadian Chuckwagon & Charriot Taste the Dust Tour, the chuckwagon and chariot drivers rolled into Rimbey to compete in a three-day derby.
Top chuckwagon riegnsman was Chris Spreen with an aggregate time of 3:12.08. Placing second with a total three day running time of 3:12.48 was Sean deBolt with third place being awarded to Marvin Hubl with an aggregate time of 3:12.53
Track conditions cancelled two chariot races leaving the drivers with just a single turn around the track.
Claiming the top three chariot placings were Sean DeBolt, Garry Theil and Chris Cunningham.
Meanwhile in Hand Hills, Eric Rosencrans was the best chuckwagon with a three day aggregate time of 3:17.66. He held a comfortable two second edge over Louis Johner who finished second with an average time of 3:19.75. With a running time of 3:21.22, Carmen Currach placed third amongst the wagons.
Times amongst the top three chariots were blistering as Dennis Hoffman set the pace with a three-day run of 3:14.27. posting a time of 3:15.02 was good enough for second place for Denise Rice. Coming in third with an average time of 3:17.20 was Ron Miciak.
This weekend, the Taste the Dust tour moves into Sedgewick while the Dodge Pro Tour turns into Ponoka for the Ponoka Stampede.

Chuckwagons rolling into Olds
May 7, 2006
By Barry Williams
Olds, Albertan

This weekend, the sounds of thundering hoofbeats will be echoed throughout Olds as the All-Pro Canadian Chuckwagon and Chariot Association presents the Hay City Thunder at the Olds Agriculture Society fairgrounds from May 13-14.
On Saturday, May 13, the first sound of the clackson is expected to go off at 6 p.m. while on Sunday, May 14, the wagoneers will pull their outfits into the rodeo grounds' infield for a 2 p.m. start.
At press time the number of wagons entered for the event was yet to be confirmed but organizers are anticipating upwards to 24 wagons will be registered.
As one of the first events scheduled on the Taste the Dust Tour, the wagoneers will be chomping at the bit to get the season started.
This year, the wagoneers will be in town for a pair of events. Besides the upcoming races, the drivers will also be challenged by the Olds track from Aug. 10-13 as they will be participating in the Mountainview County Fair derby.
With the majority of drivers registered with the Taste the Dirt Tour residing in central Alberta, the races are extremely popular and they have a loyal fan base.
Before the wagons pull into Olds for the second run, they will be stopping in Red Deer from July 19-23 to participate in Westerner Days. And from Aug. 4-6, they will be circling the track in Sundre.
It is expected the 2005 Taste the Dust chuckwagon champion, Rene Salmond along with runner-up Keith Wood will be making appearances in the majority of the races scheduled for 2006.
During the racing season, the chuckwagon and chariot drivers are awarded points according to their placings at the races and the drivers with the most points race for the tour championship at the end of August.
Meanwhile, member drivers and outriders of the Canadian Professional Chuckwagon Association are preparing to open the 2006 schedule with a stop at Cold Lake, AB from June 9-11. A week later, they will swing into Dewberry, AB for scheduled races from June 16-17. They will also be making a stop in Red Deer to challenge for the Dodge World Pro Chuckwagon championships scheduled at the end of August at Westerner Park.
Veteran wagoneer, Ray Mitsuing is the defending Canadian Professional Chuckwagon Association champion.
So for die-hard chuckwagon racing fans, there will be plenty of action throughout the region.

Record set at Rangeland Derby canvas auction
April 16, 2006
By Barry Williams
Olds, Albertan

Money was no object at the Calgary Stampede Rangeland Derby chuckwagon canvas auction held last week at the Stampede Pavillion.
At the annual tarp auction, buyers came with a little extra jingle in their pockets.
And when the last coin was emptied from the silver linings a record $2,860,000 was bid for the drivers vying for the 2006 Rangeland Derby Championship.
When the auctioneer cried out his last "sold" and lowered his gavel, defending 2005 Calgary Stampede Rangeland Derby champion, Luke Tournier garnished the highest bid, $140,000 from Haliburton.
Tournier has been involved with Chuckwagon racing since 1988 and has been victorious at numerous races sanctioned by the World Professional Chuckwagon Association.
A native of Duck Lake, SK., Tournier placed 6th in the 2005 World Standings. Throughout his career as a chuckwagon driver, Tournier has been involved in numerous Dash for Cash races and his victory at last year's Calgary's Rangeland Derby was the result of having the right team of horses and a veteran's savvy of knowing the track.
Another veteran riegnsman, Grant Profit, of Cochrane AB, garnished the second highest bid. For his tarp. Builders Group laid out a cool $127,000 for the services of a driver with 20 years of experience in the driver's box.
In 1999, Profit won the North American Chuckwagon championship and in the past four years he has finished within the top ten at the Rangeland Derby.
Besides the Rangeland Derby being one of his most noticeable victories, Profit has won the Ponoka Stampede Derby. He has a long list of being involved in "Dash for Cash" races at the major races sanctioned by the WPCA.
Netting the third highest canvas bid set at $125,000 was Rae Croteau Jr., one of the hottest young drivers on the WPCA tour.
Over the past four years, Croteau has won a major race on the professional chuckwagon circuit.
Croteau raced to victory at the 2002 Klondike Chuckwagon Derby held in Edmonton. In 2003, he was at the top of the leader board at the Strathmore Heritage Days chuckwagon derby. And he won the Badlands Derby held in Drumheller two consecutive times in 2004 and 2005.
As soon as the drivers get their sponsors' logos drawn on their tarps, they will be heading out to meet the challenges of the WPCA 2006 Dodge Pro World Tour which commences with the Grande Prairie Stompede Derby slated from May 31-June 4, 2006.
Within the next week, the wagoneers will swing into Medicine Hat to race at the Medicine Hat Exhibition Derby scheduled from June 9-11, 2006.
From June16-18, 2006, the drivers will circle their wagons into Lethbridge to try their luck at the Rocky Mountain Turf Club Derby.
One of the most anticipated races on the spring tour is the North American Chuckwagon Championship slated from June 22-25, 2006 at High River.
Before the drivers turn into Calgary, they will stop in Ponoka to participate in the Ponoka Stampede Derby.
Regarded as the most prestigious race on the North American tour is the Calgary Stampede Rangeland Derby slated from July 7-16, 2006.
After the drivers have trekked through the prairie provinces during the summer, the chuckwagon racing season will culminate with the running of the Dodge World Pro Chuckwagon Championship scheduled at Red Deer's Westner Park from August 17-20.

Veteran wagoneers battle at Olds derby
By Barry Williams
August 15, 2005

     Two veteran wagoneers made sure they were not tasting dust at the Mountain View County Fair and Rodeo pony chuckwagon and chariot races.

     Sanctioned by the All Pro Canadian Chuckwagon and Chariot Association, the fourteenth stop on the Taste the Dust Tour attracted 33 wagons and chariots for the annual derby held in Olds.

    A twenty-five year wagon master, Marvin Hubl, of Niton Junction, AB drove to the championship with a four day aggregate time of 4.01:15.

   In the $1,000 Dash For Cash, the final heat of the event, Hubl dashed around the track in 56.08, the quickest time of the entire derby.

   Hubl had all four horses in overdrive as his margin of victory was just over four seconds faster than the second place wagon piloted by Rene Salmond, a 33 year veteran in the driver's seat.

   Salmond was the defending 2004 North American Champion, a title he held until last weekend when he relinquished it to Jack Stott at the Westner Park North American Championships held in Red Deer.

   Stott, of Lacombe, AB is formerly from Olds and the veteran of35 years of wagon driving set a five day aggregate record with a time of 5:34.68.

   Claiming second place at the North American Championships was Louis Johner who accumulated a time of 5:53.08.

   Meanwhile at the Sundre Taste the Dirt Tour races, Rene Salmond was the best driver with a time of 4:06.34. By posting  a time of 4:06.68, cliff Cunningham solidified second place while Ric Rosencrans rounded out the top three drivers with a time of 4:07.18.

   Heading into the Olds races, Salmond held down first place in the tour standings with 368.5 points.

    A friendly battle between the Cunningham boys, Chris and Cliff is in place for the second and third spots in the tour standings. Chris is currently holding second place with 326.5 points while, Cliff is maintaining the third rung with 319.35 points.

    This year, the Taste the Dust tour commenced in Grande Prairie and it will conclude there as the tour Championship is scheduled from Aug. 25-Aug.28.

   Meanwhile, on the World Professional Chuckwagon Association Dodge Pro Tour, Reg Johnstone, piloting the United Petroleum Distributors' wagon, captured the Dodge Pro Tour Championship with a running time of 1:14.72. Taking second was seven-time World Champion, Kelly Sutherland with a time of 1:15.29. Rounding out the top three was Jerry Bremner who posted a time of 1:15.35.

   At the Klondike Chuckwagon Derby held in Edmonton, Jason Johnstone, driving the Sarasota Homes rig won the Dash For Cash with a running time of 1:20.06. Driving into the second spot was Kirk Sutherland in a time of 1:21.04. Stopping the clock at 1:21.13 for third place was another veteran wagonmaster Neal Walgenbauch.

Luke Tournier claims 
Calgary Stampede Rangeland Derby

By Barry Williams
July 18, 2005

     Every wagoneer has a burning desire to be crowned Calgary Stampede Rangeland Derby champion.

      And on Sunday July 17, 2005, Luke Tournier lit the competitive fires within and fanned the flames with his first Calgary Stampede Rangeland Derby championship.

       A native of Duck Lake, SK Tournier's 13th appearance at the Calgary Stampede was extremely lucky as he dominated the "Dash For Cash" final race on the tenth day of competition by dominating the four wagon race with the quickest time stopping the clock in 1:16.28.

     Heading into the "Dash For Cash" Tournier was the aggregate leader and was the odds on favorite to win the $50,000 purse.

      In the world of chuckwagon racing, the final race of the Rangeland Derby was a "Who's Who" as it featured ten time Rangeland Derby winner and eight-time World Champion, Kelly Sutherland, as well as past champions Buddy Bensmiller and Neal Walgenbach.

        As a result of the driver's draw prior to the race, Sutherland claimed the best possible position, barrel No.1 with Tournier drawing barrel No. 2. Bensmiller drew barrel No. 3 and Walgenbach settled for the worst possible starting position barrel No. 4.

       Right from the sound of the clackson, the wagoneers cut the figure eight around the barrels like a fine tooth comb but Sutherland's cut was just too fine as he knocked down a barrel taking him out of the race before the drivers navigated the first turn. 

       When the drivers reached the back straight away, Tournier was on the rail and had a lead of two lengths. By the time the wagons turned around the fourth turn and headed towards the finish line it was evident Tournier was going to win. With a quick look behind him to check on the position of his outriders, Tournier eased up on the reigns and let his four horses drive him to victory.

      Bensmiller was a full second behind Tournier finishing the race with a clocking of 1:17.28 while Walgenbach stopped the clock at 1:17.31. Sutherland didn't figure into the top ten times of the day.

        Jerry Bremner posted the second best running time on day ten with a time of 1:16.43 while Reg Johnstone's time of 1:16.59 held up for the third place in day money. Rounding out the top four times of day ten was Brian Laboucane.

      Tournier has been on the World Professional Chuckwagon Association for fourteen years and has qualified for the Calgary Stampede " Dash For Cash" five times. last year he placed fourth in the World Professional Chuckwagon Association standings and he placed in eight of the eleven shows he entered.

     Before joining the WPCA, Tournier was a member of the Canadian Professional Chuckwagon Association where he was successful by claiming five CPCA overall championships in eight trips to the championship race.

     Meanwhile, at the Lloydminster Colonial Days Chuckwagon Derby, Kirk Sutherland was the overall champion with a three day running time of 3:56.69. With a three day aggregate time of 3:57.09, Wayne Dagg claimed second overall. Placing third with an aggregate time of 3:59.89 was Terry Buffalo.

     In the latest posting of the WPCA World Standings, not including the Calgary Stampede, Reg Johnstone leads all drivers with 749 points.

     With 668.5 points, Kirk Sutherland holds down the runner-up spot while Rae Crouteau is holding third spot with 667.5 points.

     Neal Walgenbach's placing in the Calgary Stampede has moved him into fourth place with 658 points.

    Defending WPCA World Champion, Rick Fraser, is in seventh spot with 558 points.

    Next action for the WPCA wagon drivers is the Klondike Chuckwagon Derby scheduled in Edmonton from July 22-26.

Wagoneers racing for coveted Stampede Rangeland Derby championship

By Barry Williams
July 11, 2005

    It's North America's richest chuckwagon derby and the world's best wagoneers are racing for bragging rights at the Calgary Stampede Rangeland Derby.

      For ten days thirty-six chuckwagon drivers along with their outriders will be challenging the Calgary "half mile of hell"race track to qualify for the $50,000 Dash For Cash.

    When the final heat of the derby is completed, the top four aggregate wagoneers will battle for the coveted final heat slated for Sunday, July 17 following the final round of the Calgary Stampede Rodeo.

     And everyone is praying the weatherman will bring sunny warm weather ideal for race conditions. So far this season, the weatherman has been uncooperative as some race days have been cancelled due to rain and unsuitable track conditions.

    At press time, two days of wagon racing have been completed at the Rangeland Derby and the times have been near the track record.

    For those who follow chuckwagon racing, the top four drivers are familiar as they have tasted victory at the Rangeland Derby in previous years.

     Luke Tournier driving the Friends of Heritage Park canvas leads with a two day total of 2:36.00. The crafty driver has stopped the clock at 1:17.51 and 1:18.49 for a running total of 2:36.00.

     Holding down second place is seven-time Calgary Stampede winner and a ten-time World Champion Kelly Sutherland with a two day total of 2:36.19. Sutherland is running under the The Cowboys Posse tarp.

    Sitting in third spot overall in early racing is the Bar H Contracting wagon reigned by Ray Mitsuing.

    Rounding out the top four wagoneers is the checkered wagon of Jason Glass sponsored by Shaw GMC Pontiac Buick Hummer.

     2004 defending Rangeland Derby  driver, Rick Fraser driving the West Jet wagon is currently in tenth place with a running time of 2:37.92. last year was a banner year for Fraser as he won the World Professional Chuckwagon Association championship for the first time in his career. So far this season in the 2005 World Chuckwagon standings Fraser is in seventh place with 368.5 points. Setting the pace in the World Standings is Reg Johnstone with 519 points. With 451.5 points, Kirk Sutherland is in second place and Rae Croteau is in third spot with 447 points Tournier has moved up to fourth place with 445 points.

     After six days of racing at the Ponoka Stampede, Reg Johnstone driving the United Petroleum Distributors rig placed first with a running time of 7:44.68. A true wagon race developed for the second and third spot overall as Kirk Sutherland in the HL Powell Trucking wagon with an overall time of 7:46.57 took second place just three tenths of a second faster than Luke Tournier with a time of 7:46.82. claiming the fourth spot was Rae Croteau Jr. with a combined time of 7:47.25.

    Meanwhile at the North American Chuckwagon Championship held in High River, Rick Fraser driving the Kendal Pipelines wagon took top spot with a four day running time of 5:11.64.

    Fraser held a comfortable a lead of four seconds on Jason Glass's Shaw GMC Pontiac /Buick Hummer wagon's time of 5:15.60 

Driving the Super 8 Motel wagon, Neal Walgenbach placed third with a total time of 5:15.97.

    Finishing in fourth place with a time of 5:16.55 was the Calbridge fine Homes wagon driven by Troy Dorchester.

     Next derby action for the wagoneers is at the Colonial Days Fair held in Lloydminster, SK from July 13-15. Following this derby the drivers travel to Edmonton to race in the Klondike Derby from July 22-26.

      Chuckwagon racing has a rich history in the MD of foothills and the County of Mountain view as several people have been actively involved with the Stampede Derby either as a chuckwagon driver, outrider or corporate sponsor.

Wagoneers racing for Horizon School

By Barry Williams
May 17, 2005

     Area members of the All Pro Canadian Chuckwagon &Chariot Association were racing to put a smile on a child's face.

      About 250 fans came out to watch their favorite driver turn up the dust in an effort to raise funds for Horizon School, dedicated to ensure disabled children receive a proper education.

      According to Joe Halerewich the All Pro Canadian Chuckwagon & Chariot Association wants to make this fun race an annual event.

     "This is our second consecutive year hosting this event and from all indications it is well received from the drivers, the fans and Horizon School," Halerewich said.

     Besides raising funds for a worthwhile cause, this event gives the drivers an opportunity to try-out new horses in a race situation.

     "Most of the drivers spend the fall and winter training new horses," Halerewich said.

     "A driver never knows how a young horse will react until he or she can test a new horse in an actual race," Halerewich added.

     At the Olds fun run, a dozen carts and chuckwagons competed in the event and many of them participated with new horses.

     Because the drivers were using new teams, Halerewich indicated each race had only two teams participating. Normally the races consist of four outfits charging around the barrels.

     And the drivers are now faced with limited time in getting their racing quirks out as the 2005 racing season commences with five days of racing  at the Grande Prairie Stompede running from June 1-5.

     When the busy racing season commences, Halerewich expects approximately seventy chuckwagons and chariots 

to be registered.

     "This year we have 58 days of racing at different places throughout Alberta," Halerewich said.

     At each race, the drivers are awarded points reflecting in the order they finish the race. These points are accumulated to determine the line-up for the championship races.

    Last season, the association's inaugural year, Gary Theil was the number one chariot driver and Rene Salmond was the top wagoneer.

    "I expect all the scheduled races this year will be very competitive this year," Halerewich," said.

   As is the norm, the chucwagons and chariots will be running during the Mountainview County  Fair.

    "Because the Olds races are scheduled later on in the season, they usually attract the best drivers," Halerewich concluded.

Rick Fraser remains top wagoneer

By Barry Williams
August 10, 2004

        As the World Professional Chuckwagon Association heads into the final weeks of competition, Rick Fraser holds down the number one position in the World standings.

     To date, Fraser has accumulated 1077 points in sanctioned races and holds a slim lead on Norm Cuthbertson's 1057 point total. Kelly Sutherland has his Twighlight Oilfield rig in third place with a point total of 1022.

    In the past three weeks, the wagoneers rolled out their outfits in three of the most productive races on the circuit, the Ponoka Stampede Derby, the Calgary Stampede Rangeland Derby and the Heritage Days Dodge Pro Tour Championships held in Strathmore during the Heritage Day long weekend.

    At the Rangeland Derby, Cuthbertson picked up valuable points by winning the aggregate with a ten day running time of 12:51.51. Heading into the Dash For Cash, Cuthbertsen's Rod Streeper Trucking wagon, held a one second lead over Neal Walgenbach driving the Super 8 Motel wagon.

   Cuthbertson and Walgenbach were joined by the Norcal Group rig driven by Hughie Sinclair and Ray Mitsuing's Bar H Contracting wagon in the winner take all Dash For Cash, the final race of the derby.

   When the wagoneers finished racing around the 5/8 mile track, Mitsuing had the fastest time of 1:14.05 but a one second penalty for a late outrider placed him in fourth place. It was an exciting race down the wire as all four wagons were in a virtual dead heat heading to the finish line. Sinclair, with a time of1:14.64,  took top honors worth $50,000. Walgenbach posted a time of 1:14.78 for second and Cuthbertson finished third with a running time of 1:14.85.

    Meanwhile, at the six race Ponoka Stampede, Kelly Sutherland, driving the Bryden Contracting wagon, claimed the aggregate with a combined time of 8:03.76. Claiming second in the aggregate was Reg Johnstone in the United Petroleum finishing with a time of 8:05.05. Taking third spot was the Trail Blazer RV wagon piloted by Jerry Bremmner and in fourth place with a time of 8:08.78 was Norm Cuthbertson's Rod Streeper Trucking unit.

    With four of the top association wagons in the Dash For Cash, the final race was a wagon burner as Reg Johnstone edged Tyler Helmig by the split second. Johnstone posted a time of 1:25.83 while Helmig's EPCOR wagon time was 1:25.93. Jerry Bremmner brought his Trail blazer RV rig in third spot with a time of 1:26.50. Placing fourth was Wayne Dagg's Service Plus Inns wagon with a running time of 1:26.65.

    Emerging victorious at the Dodge Pro Tour Championships was Kelly Sutherland, who won the championship race in a time of 1:15.74.  Reg Johnstone's time of 1:15.97  placed second and High River driver, Jason Glass, in the box of the Shaw GMC wagon, took third place in a time of 1: 16.27.

     Because of the weather, only two days of racing were completed at the Badlands Dinosaur Derby held this past weekend in Drumheller.

     Next action for the wagoneers is in Grande Prairie Battle of the North being held this coming weekend.

     This weekend in Olds, the Canadian All-Pro Pony Chuckwagon and Chariot Association will be holding a meet during the Mountain View Fair and Rodeo. Over thirty chuckwagons and chariots will be taking part in the races.


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