The Truth About “Unlimited”

Some Wireless Internet Service Providers will promise whatever they think they can get away with, including “unlimited” Internet service. But in our experience, a truly unlimited service is really an unmanaged service that combines very high costs and poor quality of service.

That’s because the bandwidth of a tower’s access point can and will be exceeded in an unlimited scenario.Unfortunately, there is a finite amount of spectrum available for rural broadband Internet. To ensure all clients on a tower’s access point receive their purchased download and upload speeds, the service must be managed. Otherwise if, for instance, several users on a tower’s access point were streaming Netflix all at once, the system could become unusable.

Don’t be tricked by offers of an “unlimited” Internet connection. It’s just misleading advertising. A truly unlimited rural connection of, for example, a constant 4 Mbps, would in reality cost many hundreds of dollars per month. You are being misled if anyone offers an “unlimited” service for less than this. Make sure you read the fine print!

AireNet is proud to say that we DO NOT “throttle” our users back. We strive to give all of our clients the speed that they are paying for, 24/7. Other providers will reduce your connection speeds drastically if you download or stream for a given amount of time. We would never do that, and that is why we do not offer an “Unlimited” plan. Again, it’s very important that you check the competitor’s fine print before you sign!